Our wineyard

With a careful grapes sorting and manual harvest with baskets with boxes, we avoid the manipulation and the trituration of the grapes as much as possible so they remain intact until the pressing.


From harvesting into crates, grapes are being transported directly from the vineyard to the press by conveyor belt without any handling. In this way the fruit remains intact until the time the grapes are pressed.

Harvest in Details


The same ethos applies to the vinification and ageing of our white and red wines, where there is very little intervention, in order to preserve the wine's natural development. Fermentation takes place thanks to the yeast naturally present on the grapes - no yeast is added.

The process

With a rigorous sorting of the grapes, a precise selection of fruits and a handmade harvest in trays, we protect the manipulation of the grape so that they remain the purest and unaltered possible until the pressuring moment.

Pommier’s vineyard advocate the most natural winemaking process possible in the treatment of wine after the grape harvest to strengthen it before the bottling process in order to enhance its special fragrance and taste. 

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