Situated close to Paris, the mission of the Chablis vineyards has for centuries been to offer white wines of exceptional quality..

The wine's minerality comes from the Chardonnay grape planted in a unique soil called Kimmeridgian. The soil is composed of layers of compact limestone and very soft clay marl containing fossilised marine organisms.

This geological stage dates back 70 million years when the sea receded at the end of the Jurassic period..

Chablis Soil


"In respect for our heritage, we work the vine in a spirit of reflection, producing grapes that are always of the highest quality."


Thanks to their unique vineyards and soils, our wines are steeped in history, In 1990, we started to enlarge our estate by working the family lands and planting.



Discover our History


Isabelle et Denis POMMIER, Owner-operators


The grape pressing area was completely renovated in 2008.

We are equipped with two stainless steel pneumatic presses into which go, via a conveyor belt, both the manual harvest in crates and the mechanical harvest.

This gentle transportation of the grapes avoids excessive manipulation of the fruit, thus preserving the aromatic potential.

The white wines are fermented and aged on the lees in thermo-regulated stainless steel vats. Each parcel's harvest is vinified separately so as to preserve as much as possible the typicity of the individual terroirs.

A proportion of our wine is fermented in oak barrels of different ages and from different coopers. Chablis Croix aux Moines and the Chablis Premiers Crus

The red Burgundy wines are made from grapes that are entirely destemmed. They are then vinified and aged in oak barrels.

Pommier vineyards is established in the Chablis region for more than 25 years perpetuating the heritage of the region through the respect and the work of its vines steeped in history.

This exceptional situation gives Chablis’s white wine a very rare quality and minerality thanks to a soil containing extraordinary marine organisms.

Since the 2014 vintage, all our production is certified organic. We believe in a reasonable wine growing process, respectful of environment and organisms and always in order to preserve the qualities of grapes as well as possible.

Our fully renovated facilities in 2008 ensure a protected and guarded fruit during the treatment with the aim of creating the best aromatic harmony through our wines.

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