Chablis - Petit chablis et Croix aux Moines

Petits Chablis

Our petit chablis are produced on flats situated on the limestone on the top of the chablis premiers crus and chablis grands crus which makes wines very fresh, fruity and easy to be drunk young 

Chablis - Petit chablis et Croix aux Moines


Our chablis are produced on the slopes exposed to the south on the Portlandien soil, but also on slopes exposed south and north on the  kimmeridgien, It brings to the wines, freshness and minerality at the same time.

Chablis Premier Cru 4 - Fourchaume, Beauroy, Côte de Léchet

Premiers Crus

Only produced on the Kimmeridgien on very well exposed hills, South East for the Côte de Léchet, South West for the Fourchaume and South for the Troesmes


Bourgogne - Pinot Noir


Produced on south slope on the Portlandien close to Chablis AC in direction of Auxerre

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Owners of this home made family estate since more than 20 years old, at the heart of the Chablis vineyard, we are pleased to "introduce" you our new website retracing our story and philosophy We wish you a pleasant tour

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All our wines are produce with great environment respect


Salon du Vin organisé par Culture et Vins de France à la Salle des Fêtes de St Germain les Corbeil les 16 et 17 novembre 2018

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